Can You Magic Your Way to Bigger Better Boobs? enhancement products are in very high demand and it is no wonder when so many women attest to their effectiveness. Many women have had success in making their breasts more supple, tighter and perkier. There are also other health benefits that you will notice by taking this type of medicine, for example as well as increasing breast size and lift, it is reported that it will slow down the signs of aging, eliminate hot menopausal flushes and sweating, revitalize aged and tired skin and restore worn and brittle hair and nails.

Here is a sample of the options available:

Oral Supplements

These breast enhancement products come in different forms such as pills, gelatin capsules, powder and tea. These have been dubbed to be great alternatives to breast augmentation surgery due to the following: being made from herbs and plant sources, they hardly have any side effect; they are very affordable and accessible in most health stores; and they stimulate estrogen production, top requirement for breast tissue growth.

The herbs typically contained in the most effective breast enhancement products are fenugreek, fennel, dong quai, l-tyrosine and wild yam. Other products are derived from vitamin and mineral sources, which provide further benefits. Some of which are:

1. A - for cell regeneration and renewal
2. B6 - for healthy blood cell generation, which aids healthier breast tissue growth
3. C - for collagen production, which aids skin and muscle tenacity
4. E and Zinc - for rapid skin tissue renewal
5. Folic acid - for body cell expansion and spur growth

Birth control pills are preferred by many women. This product is typically used for regulating menstruation and hormonal balance. In effect, a healthy supply of estrogen, a vital component in breast tissue growth.